Why Imperial Education Consultants?

Imperial Education Consultants (IEC Study Abroad) is a licensed and accredited study abroad consultants by the Commission of University Education with a panel of experienced and certified education counselors who empower students to secure admissions abroad and understand the needs of the students, their parents/guardians and the sponsors. 

We have partnered with over 300 accredited universities from 30 countries namely, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany, Dubai, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Grenada, Poland, Sweden, India, Cyprus, Russia, China, Ukraine, New Zealand, Hungary, South Korea, Singapore, Malta, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Mauritius. 

We provide our students transparent, up-to date information on the all available options, to help them make the right decisions as per their aspiration and budget. 

We offer students a highly professional and cost effective service process that enables a quick admission and smooth visa process. 

It is a matter of combination of professional services of our consultants and expertise, international mindset, multinational experience of living, studying, and working abroad, but with common values and a shared vision for individual higher education – that enables us to understand your needs, “see” your opportunities, and precisely respond to your interests with successful results and outcomes.


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IEC is a One-Stop study abroad education consultants that has the expertise to help students successfully secure admissions from over 300 accredited universities across 25 countries.

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